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Centre for Earthquake Studies (CES)

Dr. Talat Iqbal
Director CES
Phone: +92(51)207 7384

Centre for Earthquake Studies is sole institute in Pakistan working on Study of Earthquake precursors along with other fields of seismology. These types of institutes are working all over the world including our neighboring countries, like, India, Iran and China. The mandate of the Centre for Earthquake Studies (CES) is as follows:

  • To forecast major earthquakes so that loss of lives and property can be minimized
  • To support interdisciplinary earthquake prediction research in the national institutions and training of young scientists
  • Installation of Ground based equipment for recording earthquake precursors (Radon gas emission, Infrasonic Precursors, Vertical Electric Field variations, Gravitational and Magnetic field changes)

Research Work

Presently, CES is performing the following type of research work:

  • Analysis Radon concentration with relation to earthquakes and Atmospheric Parameters
  • Monitoring and analysis of Vertical Electric Field at remote stations
  • Statistical analysis (M8S) of instrumental seismic data on global scale
  • Calculation of Total Electron Content (TEC) using ground based Dual Frequency GPS and its relation with earthquakes
  • Study of seismological precursors
  • Seismic Hazard Analysis
  • Seismological investigations of significant earthquakes occurring in Pakistan
  • Analysis of Critical frequency of F2 layer (foF2) of ionosphere in relation to impending earthquakes
  • Satellite based data analysis(TIR and OLR) in relation to earthquake studies
  • Neural networks and its application in earthquake forecasting
  • Analysis of anomalous data obtained from ATROPATENA-PK
  • Earthquake Transients and Mechanics of Active Deformation
  • Study of active faults by using various techniques

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