To provide PAKISTAN with a state of the art research facility in the ion beam applications.


The progress in the field of science and technology is a backbone in the progress of any country. The universities and the scientific research institutes play a vital role to gain a high level of scientific knowledge. Therefore, it was the need of time that Pakistan should have state of the art research facilities for the students, faculty and the researchers. The 5MV Tandem (pelletron) accelerator will provide a great opportunity to the research students and scientists from various universities of the country and abroad to do their research projects in various fields of science including materials science, Superconductivity Environmental sciences, Geology, Semiconductor Physics, Nuclear Physics, Biomedical, biology, and Archeology.

Course on Accelerator Techniques

EPD, NCP introduces a "Course on Accelerator Techniques" for MSC, MPhil and Ph.D Students. This course will be taught in the universities/ Institutes by the highly qualified faculty of EPD.

      Dr. Ishaq Ahmad
      Director (Accelerator)
      Email: Ishaq Ahmad
      Tel:+92(51) 900 6210