Speakers - 46th Intl. Nathiagali Summer College (Webinars)

Activity - I: Advances in Nanomaterials and Semiconductor Devices and Applications (5th - 10th July, 2021)

Assunta Marrocchi Italy Green solvent processable organic electronic devices
Shulling Shen China Graphene Quantum Dots with High Yield and High Quality Synthesized from Low Cost Precursor of Aphanitic Graphite
Hongyu Sun China Liquid Phase Transmission Electron Microscopy: Recent Advance and Applications
Peng Peng Wang China Chirality in inorganic nanostructures
Qingfeng Yan China Elemental phosphorus single crystals: synthesis and applications

Activity - II: Pulsed Power/High Power Laser Systems and Applications (5th - 10th July, 2021)

Ignas Abromavicius Lithuania Advanced spatial and temporal beam shaping for ns and ps systems
Hamad Ahmad UK Laser-driven Ion Accelerator: Current state of the art and Applications
Yasir Alfadi UK Exposure to High-Power Electromagnetic Pulses: assessment methods and medical applications
Rokas Danilevicius Lithuania Design & Development of High-intensity OPCPA -based SYLOS Systems
Liu Jingdong China Development of high voltage pulse power technology at IHEP
Ozlem Karsli Turkey Introduction to Pulsed Power Systems
Chang Hee Nam South Korea Ultrahigh Intensity Lasers: From Basics to Applications
Pedro Oliveira UK High power lasers at the RAL and temporal diagnostics
Jens Osterhoff Germany Plasma accelerators for applications in health, photon science, and particle physics
David Riley UK Time dependent effects in shock compressed iron in warm dense matter conditions
John Richard Pasley UK Introduction to fast ignition for Inertial Confinement Fusion
Justas Varpucianskis Lithuania An overview of Ekspla Laser systems
Luca Volpe Spain Ion stopping power measurement in Warm Dense Matter. Experiments in Ultra-High and short repetition rate Laser Facilities
Zhou Zusheng China IHEP high power klystron development

Activity - III: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (5th - 10th July, 2021)

Qadeer Ahmed USA Reinventing the wheels in the age of ML/AI
James Elder Canada Biomimetic Computer Vision: Science to Applications
Shafique Rehman UAE Energy-Efficiency and Security for EdgeAI: Challenges and Opportunities
Wala Saadeh Jordan Ultra-Low-Power Systems-on-Chip for Next-Generation Wearables Biomedical Devices

Activity - IV: Advances in Nuclear Reactor Technology and Spent Fuel Management (5th - 10th July, 2021)

Christophe Bonnetti France - Granite-related uranium deposits in South China: high- versus low-temperature hydrothermal systems
- New pyrite indicators for the development of roll front type uranium deposits
Ed Bradley Austria IAEA activities related to innovation to support operating nuclear power plants worldwide
Adrienne Hanly Austria Overview of Uranium Exploration, Resources and Deposits
Stefano Monti Austria Status and prospect of advanced reactors and related IAEA activities
Ansar Parvez Pakistan Spent Fuel Management. Can we afford to let it be the show stopper?
Haseeb ur Rehman Austria AWCRs and relevant IAEA activities
Haci Mehmet Sahin Turkey Possibility of Usage of Thorium- Alternative Fuel Mixtures in a Gas Turbine Modular Helium Reactor

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