National Institute of Vacuum Science and Technology (NINVAST)

Dr. Muhammad Maqsood
Director General, NINVAST

Phone: +92(51)903 8204

The National Institute of Vacuum Science and Technology (NINVAST) was established in 2006. Vacuum science and technology is an upcoming field in Pakistan and has broad research as well as industrial applications. NINVAST is a unique institute, first of its kind not only in Pakistan but entire Islamic World. Its main focus is on education, training, research and development in the field of Vacuum Science & Technology and allied areas. It organizes various training programs like seminars, symposia, certificate courses, workshops, conferences for vacuum users and offers Vacuum Science and Technology courses for under & post graduate levels at universities/colleges. It also provides technical support to research and academic institutions as well as to industry. Its program includes the provision of developing vacuum equipment and accessories along with calibration services. NINVAST is ISO 9001:2008 Certified.

Main Function of NINVAST

The main functions of the NINVAST are as follows:

  • R&D activities in the various areas of Vacuum Science and Technology
  • Technical support through education & training programs
  • Consultancy services such as design & development, repair & maintenance of vacuum systems for all types of research as well as industrial applications
  • Development of vacuum equipment

Labs in operation at NINVAST

  • Vacuum Standards Lab
  • Vacuum Generation Lab
  • Vacuum Metrology Lab
  • Vacuum Leak Calibration Lab
  • Ultra-High Vacuum Lab
  • Vacuum Coatings Lab
  • Pump Maintenance Lab
  • Diffusion Pump Lab
  • Oil Reclamation Lab
  • Vacuum Equipment and Electronics Lab
  • Leak Testing Lab
  • Advance Vacuum Research Lab

Research & Development Projects

Presently, NINVAST is performing the following R&D projects:
Vacuum Coatings
Metallic oxide, ceramic and heterojunction thin films for novel applications
Synthesis of Superparamagnetic, ferromagnetic for different applications
Inter-lab comparison, Up-gradation and Optimization of vacuum standards
Design & Development
Laser Interferometer Manometer, variable volume flow-meter, Vacuum Pump

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