NINVAST being the solitary institute in the field of VST is undertaking indigenous development and R & D projects to cater the emerging demands of scientific community and corporate sector. For this purpose, research students from various universities are also being engaged in these projects. Some of the R & D projects are stated below.

R & D Projects

  • Synthesis of aerogel for PTH sensor
  • Measurement of height with laser technique for metrological applications
  • Design & development of molecular flow-meter
  • Material synthesis for photo catalysis degradation of industrial dyes, pollutants and CO2 reduction

Capacity Enhancement

  • Accreditation of Vacuum Metrology Lab on ISO/ IEC 17025:2017
  • Design and development of XHV system
  • Design and development of Vacuum Smoke Generating system
  • Design and development of Power Plant Condenser Tube Testing Kit
  • Design and development of Diffusion Pump Performance testing system
  • Design and development of Vacuum Box for leak testing of weld joints and brazing

In-house Product Development Projects

  • Design & development of MEMS based thermal vacuum gauge
  • Design & development of oil dehydration plant for power transformers
  • Development of transparent capacitive touch/ touch-less switches
  • Development of facial recognition access control system
  • Design & development of vacuum glove box
  • Vacuum drying & degassing system (30 liter)
  • Design & development of freeze dryer