Nanosciences & Technology Department (NS&TD)

Dr. Sara Qaisar
Director NS&TD

Phone: +92(51)207 7308

The Nanosciences and Technology Department (NS&TD) was established at NCP in the year 2006. Dr. Syed Tajammul Hussain was appointed as the first Project Director of NS&TD. After his sad demise in July 2013, Dr. Sara Qaisar took charge as the new Director. NS & TD is the most productive Directorate of NCP in terms of research publications in ISI listed journals of international repute and registered patents in the field of nanosciences & technology.

Following are the main research groups at NS & TD


  • To carry out R&D in the field of nano-sciences, keeping in context latest technological developments in relevant areas
  • To conduct research on projects of applied national significance
  • To facilitate Aademia in their R&D activities by hosting MPhil/PhD students/researchers
  • To carry out sample analysis/ characterization for Academia, R&D organizations and Industry, if so required
  • To hold Workshops/Seminars to acquire new ideas and to enhance collaboration among its participants at national as well international level
  • To provide consultancy services to Industry on as and when required basis

Energy Storage Devices

  • Thin film deposition, characterization and testing of fabricated solar cell and IR sensors
  • Supercapacitors based on 3D metal foam substrates
  • Lithium ion batteries


  • Polymer nanocomposites using different nanostructures as fillers, and thermoplastic / thermoset polymers as the matrix


  • Production from waste material (spent tea, non-edible oils, orange rinds etc)
  • Conversion of used lubricating oil (Mobil oil) into diesel
  • Synthesis of nanofuel booster


  • Synthesis and functionalization of nanoparticles for
    • use as contrasting agents in CT scan & MRI
    • photodynamic therapy
    • targeted drug delivery (anti-cancer and anti-leishmaniasis)

Besides the above research is also being carried out on the use of nanomaterialsfor applications in agriculture, textile, sports etc.

Future Research Plans

  • Ionogels for prospective applications in the commercial as well as defense sector
  • Carbon nanodiamonds reinforced composites
  • Drug delivery using carbon nanodiamonds
  • Graphene based photovoltaics
  • Synthesis of nanoparticles by microwave digestion
  • Radar absorbing materials

Equipment and Characterization Tools Available at NS & TD

  • UV-Vis DRS
  • UV-Vis Spectrometer
  • Electrochemical work station
  • Electrical measurement set-up
  • 1000W Xenon light source with RGB filters
  • GC-MS
  • STM
  • XRD
  • Hydrothermal Reactor
  • XPS integrated with AFM & STM
  • TGA
  • DSC
  • Vacuum ovens
  • Ball mills

Use of Characterization Facilities at NS&TD

External samples* (i.e. other than NS&TD) will be analyzed on Thursdays only. Analysis slots can be booked up to one month in advance. Each slot will accommodate 03 samples only. Requests will be entertained on the provision of a letter from respective Head of Department addressed to Director NS&TD.

*The facility is only available for underprivileged universities.

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