13 - 17 March, 2023

The National Centre for Physics (NCP), Islamabad, Pakistan and The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), Trieste, Italy are jointly organizing the International School on Physics & Allied Disciplines (ISPAD) in Islamabad, Pakistan from March 13 - 17, 2023.


The idea of holding the ISPAD at NCP is to provide a platform for the local and the foreign participants to exchange scientific knowledge and to generate enthusiasm for science and innovation. Around 200 young Pakistani M.Phil./Ph.D. students, researchers, university faculty and many foreign invited speakers and participants will take part in the deliberations of ISPAD-2023.


Each year, the topics (technical activities) of the school are chosen keeping in view the present and future research interests of NCP, universities and national R&D institutions. The School will consist of plenary, parallel and poster sessions as well as tutorials and structured discussions relevant to various technical activities in the chosen topics. The plenary lectures contain mostly overviews of advances in the chosen areas for general audience while the lectures/talks in parallel sessions cover the recent research on the specific topics.

Topics and Coordinators

  • Plasma Physics: Theory and Applications (PP)
    Plasma Modeling and Simulation, Electromagnetic Wave-Plasma Interactions, Computational Plasma Physics, Fusion Plasmas:
    Coordinators: Ali Ahmad (NCP), Waqas Masood (CIIT), Shabbir Ahmed (NCP), Shahzad Mahmood (PINSTECH), Shahid Ali (NCP), Aman-ur Rehman (PIEAS)
  • Applications of Accelerators in Research and Industry (AARI)
    Laser-driven Accelerators and Radiation Sources, Radioactive Ion Beams, Medical Accelerators and their Applications, Synchrotron Radiation, Spallation Neutron Sources and their Applications.
    Coordinators: Turab Ali (NCP), Ghulam Murtaza (GCU), Naveed Zafar Ali (NCP), Shah Rukh K.T (PNRA)
  • Quantum Information and Computation (QIC)
    Quantum Internet and Networking, Quantum Algorithms, Quantum Key Distribution, Spin Qubits, Quantum Teleportation and Swapping.
    Coordinators: Bilal Tariq (NCP), Aeysha Khalique (NUST), Jibran Rashid (IBA), Syed Rashid Aziz (NCP), Muhammad Irfan (PIEAS)


Mansoor Hameed Inayat (NCP, Pakistan) Joseph Niemela (ICTP, Italy)


Ishaq Ahmad (NCP, Pakistan) M. Aslam Baig (NCP, Pakistan)

International Advisory Committee

Atsushi Fukuyama (Japan) Dimitri Batani (France) Ioannis Kourakis (UAE)
Jose Tito Mendonca (Portugal) Luca Volpe (Spain) Naeem A. Tahir (Germany)
Barry C. Sanders (Canada) Natko Skukan (IAEA)

Key Speakers

Plasma Physics
Atsushi Fukuyama (Japan) Bengt Eliasson (UK) Dimitri Batani (France)
Ioannis Kourakis (UAE) Shu T. Lai (USA) Luca Volpe (Spain)
Michael Bonitz (Germany) Naeem A. Tahir (Germany) Tobias Dornheim (Germany)
Zhandos Moldabekov (Germany)
Applications of Accelerators in Research and Industry
Tieshan Wang (China) Maaza Malik (South Africa) M. Sorokin (Russia)
Ayano Makinaga (Japan) J. C. Manrique (Mexico) I. H. Sarpun (Turkey)
A. B. Jalar (Malaysia) M. B. Abu Bakar (Malaysia) F. K. Yu (Hong Kong)
Mohamed Chaker (Canada) A. Diallo (Senegal)
Quantum Information and Computation
Barry C. Sanders (Canada) Xuedong Hu (USA) Xinyu Zhao (China)

Scientific Secretary

Mohsin Siddiq (NCP, Pakistan)


Active graduate & postgraduate students, post-doctoral researchers, faculty and research scientists are encouraged to participate (oral or poster presentation). Local hospitality will be provided to the participants. A limited number of travel grants may be provided to the foreign participants, especially those from the developing countries of the region.

How to Apply

For registration, click here. The application form should be submitted by December 15, 2022 by foreign participants and January 31, 2023 by local participants. Selection will be made by the Technical Committee of ISPAD-2023. Foreign applicants are required to attach/provide scans of the first two relevant pages of their passports valid at least six months after the ISPAD-2023 event. These documents to be submitted to the activity secretariat by email before the deadline for registration.

Registration Fee

  • Students: From Rawalpindi/Islamabad: Rs. 1500/-, Outstation: Rs. 2000/-
  • Faculty Members/Professionals: Pak Rs. 7000/-

Note: Selected applicants will be required to pay a registration fee via online payment. There is no registration fee for the invited speakers and foreign participants.

School Brochure

To download the brochure. Click here.


  • The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), Trieste, Italy
  • Pakistan Academy of Sciences (PAS), Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF), Islamabad, Pakistan

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