The Collaboration and Academic Activities Directorate (CAAD) has evolved into a dynamic and multifaceted department within NCP, dedicated to realizing the institution's vision and presenting the face of NCP to the outside world through its various programs.

NCP’s primary objective is to promote research in the field of physics and its related disciplines throughout the country. This endeavor requires the cultivation of a scientific culture, which can only be achieved through the collaborative efforts of natural scientists, social scientists, industrialists, business leaders, media professionals, students, educators, and various other creative segments of society. To facilitate effective communication and bridge these essential connections.

Dr. Muhammad Usman holds the director position presently.

Functions of CAAD

Key Role of CAAD in NCP
  • Strengthen collaboration with national and foreign universities, research institutes, and science academies through MoUs and other types of agreements.
  • Facilitate scientific exchange programs to promote physics, allied technologies, and the latest scientific developments in the world to develop a science culture in the country.
  • Organize conferences, workshops, and seminars, with special attention to the needs of Pakistani universities and R&D organizations.
  • Popularize science among university and college students.
  • Manage training, higher education, and study tours of NCP researchers, along with the formulation of related policies.
  • Oversee hosted researchers' affairs and formulate related policies.
  • To facilitate scientific information access.
  • Provide guidelines to innovators at NCP for patent filing and other intellectual property rights (IPR)
  • Capacity building through trainings and workshops.
  • Represent NCP in various exhibitions and expos to market NCP's products, facilities, and services.
  • Assist NCP employees in pursuing higher education abroad.
  • Coordinate and organize scientific events at NCP.
  • Compile scientific progress and research reports, as well as event-related materials such as abstract books, posters, and leaflets.
  • Develop industry-research linkages by identifying applications for research activities in relevant industries to promote innovation, development, and improvement.
  • Identify and manage business development activities for NCP, offering products, services, and technologies to the industry.
  • Facilitating the MoUs of NCP with other organizations.

Dr. Muhammad Usman
Director CAAD

Phone: +92 (51) 2077 367