Information Technology Group

Computing Activities

The Computing Group was established in August 2003 in NCP. Initially six IT professional were working in this group. Later two groups Central Computing Facility (CCF) and Advanced Scientific Computing (ASC) were formed to enhance the service level. CCF group was made to facilitate the NCP users and Physics Researchers in term of computing resources. ASC group is to develop in house software and to up keep the WLCG node.

In the beginning Centre has modest clusters for 20 PCs based on Linux operating system. This PC cluster can be used for solving any difficult and computationally intense scientific problems. In some cases, it is a replacement of a super computer. Number of PCs in the cluster are increasing since the beginning. At present, the PC cluster is used for the LHC data analysis and simulation. The whole system is scalable and in future another 450 PCs and servers will be added in this cluster. The data size per year expected from LHC is around one million giga-bytes. The huge size of the data required novel techniques for storage, retrieval and the analysis of the data. The LHC computing is based upon the concept of distributed computing with the tools of data grid technology. The grid is a new emerging concept of computing that will make WWW more intelligent instead of a more search engine. The concept of grid computing will also make the use of computer resources efficient.

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